Same-Sex Kiss Coming Up on 'Desperate Housewives'

The arrival of a nice, almost maternal stripper named Robin (played by Dexter departed Julie Benz) to Wisteria Lane should've been a sign of things to come, and boy will she heat things up on Desperate Housewives.

TV Guide reports that Miss Benz's stripper will lock lips with one of the housewives on the ABC soap, and it's not her idol Susan (Teri Hatcher). It's loony Katherine (Dana Delaney)!

"Everyone assumed I was going to come in and break up someone's marriage, but there's a whole different twist," says Benz, whose character worked on the strip joint that Susan inherited but subsequently quit to look for another job.

Susan sort of took her under her wing after she saw her reading Moby Dick while on break. MJ, being a guy, also likes her.

Benz offers details of the kiss with Dana: "This kiss comes out of a funny moment where we're trying to ditch some guys. I asked, 'Am I becoming a man?' And Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry said, 'Close.'"

The Dexter actress is booked for at least three more episodes, with the "option" for more. "I'm bribing the writers with cupcakes."

The Robin-Katherine lip-lock will happen sometime in March. Desperate Housewives returns February 21.

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