The Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson Bringing Baby Baskett to Super Bowl

With his dad a headliner in sports this year, we can only expect Little Hank Baskett IV to watch the game and cheer him on. That is, if the 7-week-old infant isn't busy napping with his Girls Next Door star mother.

The son of Kendra Wilkinson and Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett will reportedly be brought to watch the big game this weekend. According to People, he's already being given special treatment for the show.

Little Hank and his mom will be indulging themselves in a Miami Stadium this Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. His dad's team will be playing against the New Orleans Saints (home to another reality star's boyfriend: Kim Kardashian's Reggie Bush).

But even though he's too young to recall such a wonderful memory, Little Hank won't be missing his father play in the Super Bowl this year. The 27-year-old Baskett told reporters, "We got a box so he can come to the game. He may not remember it, but he'll get to tell everybody that his very first game ever was the Super Bowl and his dad was playing."

Of course, his mom is just as excited. The star of Kendra and formerly of The Girls Next Door has been busy filling her Twitter with posts about the big day. She's even planning a party afterwards.

For Super Bowl week, Kendra is hoping to celebrate at Passion Nightclub in Miami. Win or lose, it's going to be a huge event. With Little Hank in the midst of it all, of course.

" is where I'm throwin' my partayyyyyyy," she wrote. "And, yes, family will be watching the baby that night. LOL."

Despite being excited at flying to Miami for the Super Bowl, Kendra Wilkinson is still feeling quite at home in Indianapolis. Her husband said, "She likes it. Indianapolis is very laid back, very friendly. She's still getting used to all the snow."

It sounds as though she's also getting used to being a mom, which really does suit her. Just as long as she gets to party.

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