Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 26 "Nomination and New HOH" Review

Tonight was a real treat because the show could have gone either way. We learned in the first part of the show which of the remaining four contestants won the Christmas Bulb challenge and was crowned the new head of household. When we were left on Thursday night, it looked like Hayden was taking the lead and it didn't stop there.

Hayden ended up winning the new HOH. But there was also a luxuary challenge where the winner wins $10,000. The four houseguests had to hide their money chip in the house, whoever's last chip was not found, won. And in the end Britney won the money.

Hayden was pretty clear that Britney was going to be one of the nominations earlier in tonight's show. But he didn't know which Brigade member would be put up with her. In the end he stayed true to Enzo and placed Lane and Britney on the block. But this mean nothing if either Lane or Britney win the POV on Wednesday night. All in all it was a great episode but I am really looking forward to the episodes to come.


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