MAD MEN ''Chinese Wall'' Review Season 4, Episode 11

On this week's MAD MEN Chinese Wall, Roger finally has to face his failure and Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce has to face an unpredictable financial future when it is finally revealed that Lucky Strike is moving on. The question becomes, how many other clients will jump ship before the partners can get back control.

Pete and Trudy's baby is finally on her way, but sadly other things occupy Pete's focus and time. While at dinner with his wife and his in laws, Ken Cosgrove is informed of the Lucky Strike withdrawal by none other than a BBDO ad man. Ken abandons his family at dinner to hunt Pete down at the hospital. Pete abandons his newly forming family at the hospital to hunt down Roger and then Don when he cannot locate Roger. Finally, Don abandons Dr. Faye to gather all of the partners for a late night meeting over this recent development. Of course, none of them know that this is really old news and that Roger has been keeping that secret for weeks. When confronted, Roger calls Lee Garner, Jr., yells at him for having to find out second hand and then tells the partners that the news is true. The partners insist on a face-to-face meeting and Roger insists it should be him. Naturally, Roger never leaves the city, but holes up in a hotel room for a while and then calls with the bad news that there was nothing he could do. He also phones Joan and tells her the truth, truly testing her loyalties, and insists on seeing her. Later on at her apartment, she tells Roger that it is over for good. Like Roger, I am not sure I believe her either although I do think he definitely stepped down a few notches in her mind with the Lucky Strike debacle.

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