American Idol: Denver Auditions, Live Thoughts

Tonight American Idol and Posh Spice join the mile high club (of sorts) as the Idol auditions make their final stop in Denver, Colorado. Hopefully, the high altitude and lack of oxygen makes the judges, especially Victoria Beckham, a little kicky or punch drunk. While she said more than Joe Jonas, Posh's Idol debut was a bit of a robot snooze fest. Hopefully her return trip to the judges' table provides more insight from The Posh One. Or at least some of her classic Posh "oh no you didn't biatch" face.

Look, she's demonstrating it right there on the judges panel. It appears to be her signature look. Seriously, I was looking for old Spice Girl photos (I know, you're jealous) and Posh doesn't smile in a single one. This is about as close to a smile as I could find:

Surrounded by smiles and peace signs, Posh remains stoic. The same could be said for her initial Idol auditions. Let's keep our fingers crossed America, that at least one auditioner makes her smile, for all our sakes.

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