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Destination Truth ''Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast'' Advance Review

One of my favorite shows, DESTINATION TRUTH, returns for its fourth season on Thursday September 9th at 9 pm on Syfy with the first episode titled Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast (Season 4 Episode 1). Season four follows Josh Gates and crew in eight new episodes that spans Italy, Madagascar, Tanzania, Guam, Kenya, and Cambodia.

For those of you not familiar with Destination Truth here's what it's about: Host Josh Gates and his team investigate unexplained phenomenon around the world. Sometimes they investigate paranormal claims such as ghosts and alien sightings. Other times they'll investigate local tales such as leprechauns, mermaids, and giant squids. They approach even the wildest claims with a high amount of integrity, using the most modern research equipment. The show is actually similar to Ghost Hunters in the way they will do their best to debunk any possible evidence.

So the first 2 investigations of season 4 are called Poltergeists of Pompeii Nandi Beast. The investigation is a ghost investigation that takes place in Pompeii, Italy (sight of a famous volcano erruption in 79 a.d. that killed the whole city). The site contains 2,000 year old bodies preserved in ash and the a wide range of paranormal claims. I won't give away an spoilers but I will tell you that they collect a piece of evidence that Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters classified as Class A.

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Apr 27, 2012 5:38PM EDT
Well. The only thing that actually hasn't changed....drumroll please...dadadada-dadadada-da-da-DA! the fact that every single episode (yes even those of the fourth season) lacks even the smallest amount of logic. There are sooo many situations in which anyone, even with the lowest IQ, would notice that everything in this show is actually staged. Very often, the thing I observe the most:..these people set up camp in places..ANYONE with the smallest amount of brains..would NOT! Example: They sure must love alligators because they set up a camp right smack in the middle of a tiny island in the Florida swamps..and get this: surrounded by alligators and water snakes!...(at least we were supposed to believe they set up camp there)...And guess what?..They actually ask:.."OMG!What was that?I just heard something splashing around out there!"..(Just moments before that, Josh had pointed to a few alligators and said to be careful where you step.) ..Or another example: In Australia, they set up camp right in the middle of a place commonly known to have flash floods!.There are many more examples of this stupidity if you need any....Now seriously! I have to they NOT have anyone with them to point out such possible mistakes?Or does SCYFY not give a HOOT about Josh and his team? (Maybe because even THEY had noticed, something smelled "Nessie" here, and there indeed is NOTHING real in this show. Well, they may travel to places far out in the world..but the actual "sweeps" they do there are all staged and fake..(And if you now ask why I would say that?..HAVE you EVEN seen a single episode? And the ones you fell asleep by don't count, my friend!)...BUT, you know what?..I will keep watching the show..because it just ammuses me how stupid Josh and his team are!(AND the show does help me fall asleep every now and then).....If anything WAS real..they would never have lived to make a 3rd or 4th season..because this dude and his team would have definitely died in the first season. If the 5th season ever comes out..I hope their "acting" will be a little bit more convincing.
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