Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 11 "Nominations" Review

Well it looks like we as viewers finally get to see one nasty verbal cat fight tonight. Kristen and Rachel duke it out on tonight's episode of Big Brother 12. Right after the HOH competition Rachel lets the power go to her head and starts calling out Kristen. Hayden even jumps into the fight but later in the episodes decides to back off and play it safe, he doesn't want to get sent home.

Rachel even called out Kathy tonight because she hugged Hayden and Kristen during the arguement. And Rachel thought that Kathy was her friend. The best on liner tonight was Hayden, "try to make a sentence without the word "like" in it!" as he yelled at Rachel.

In the end it was pretty clear who was going to be nominated for eviction. Hayden and Kristen were both put on the block and frankly I hope Kristen goes home this week. She let this become way too personal and completely sidetracked from any stragedy she had going in this game and let her pride get the most of her. She didn't even accept the HOH apology? That was just plain idiotic.

There was also a luxuary competition tonight where three houseguests plus the HOH get to see the new screening of a hit movie with Mark Walberg and Will Farrell. These two even made a guest appearance via video on tonight's show!

Do you think someone will win the POV? Who do you want to see go home?


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