The Hills Season 5, Episode 20: "The Boys of Summer" - Recap

Summer is over, and it's time for Kristin to up and leave her Malibu pad. But will Justin Bobby be joining her on the next venture? Let's find out.

Everything was perfect in Vegas, but Kristin tells Stacie that vacation is never the way it's going to be. She's still worried that she'll get hurt by Justin, but Stacie urges her to give him a chance. But when Justin comes over, Kristin suggests that they cool off for a bit and throws the old "I don't want a boyfriend" excuse at him again.

Speaking of Justin Bobby, Audrina decides she wants to meet him one last time to get everything she wants to say off her chest. Pretty sure we've heard that one from her before. So they get together and Audrina outright tells him she's not there to fight. Cut to JB telling her, "if you want to be young about it, be young about it" as his response to her saying they can't be friends. Audrina comes back with, "You're so self-centered." Then Justin drops the "maybe I wasn't committed because you weren't the one" bomb. Ouch. The two mellow out a bit and Audrina eventually says that he's going to grow to be a lonely old man if he doesn't let himself fall in love. "I wish you the best, Justin," are her parting words.

Over at the Pratt's, Spencer tries to get Heidi to admit to that she took a pregnancy test but finally gives in and flat out tells her that he found it in the trash. But then, in a very un-Spencer-like manner, he says, "When we're both ready, we will have a baby," and that he needs to be "whatever his wife is about."

Over in Brody's world, he and Jayde are back together, but at their friend Sleezy T's engagement party, (apparently that's his nickname), Jayde pushes the moving in together idea. Jayde tells Brody he's afraid of commitment and that since he was the one who was a jerk before, he should be lucky she's even talking to him again. Probably not the best strategy to get him to move in with her. The conversation gets Brody thinking and later he tells his boys he's done with Jayde. They can barely contain their excitement.

As Kristin is packing up her house, Justin rides over to tell her that he's been thinking. They go outside to talk, and JB proceeds to profess his love in a way only he can. He says that for some reason, he can't let her go and that when Audrina said she'd end up lonely and alone, he realized this is what he wants to go after. Kristin agrees that there's something there that she can't ignore, so she's willing to give it a shot if he is. "So what, now are you, my boyfriend?" Kristin says. "That's a stacked question right there," Justin responds.

And so Season 5 of The Hills comes to an end. Comment away with all your thoughts on this seasons.

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