The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 13: Week 12 - Recap

We're down to the final four, folks, and only three contestants will make it to the live finale. The first few minutes of this week's episode featured flashbacks from Week 1 on campus. But now it's time for Danny, Rudy, Liz and Amanda to head home for 60 days to finish up their journey there.

With each contestant in their hometown, we see the struggles they are facing. For Danny, he needs to figure out why as an overweight kid who was able to shed the pounds, he then packed on 250. Amanda is worried about what's going to happen once the honeymoon phase of being home is over and the reality sets in. Rudy knows that he began to his battle with food when his sister began her battle with Leukemia. I love when his wife tells him, "You're allowed to have those emotions, but you don't need to eat them." And for Liz, her and her husband both know there wasn't much happiness shared before she left for the Biggest Loser ranch. But she doesn't want a divorce, she wants them to have their second chance and to make it work.

Packages arrive at everyone's doorsteps and it holds a personalized video inside. Each person is greeted by the lovely Bob and Jillian who introduce them, for one last time, to the person they were in Week 1. Once the videos end, the phone rings. It's their respective trainer on the other end telling them that the final challenge is a Biggest Loser rite of passage. Yep, they must complete a full marathon.

Next up are the hometown visits. Danny gets a surprise guest, when Curtis Stone shows up to "shed a bit of love to his kitchen." If only Curtis would shed some love in my kitchen, but I digress. Bob pays a visit to Rudy in Connecticut and to Amanda in New Jersey. Jill, meanwhile, talks to Liz in Tennessee and when she finds out how much in the middle of nowhere she is, Jill says she's worried about Liz being isolated and having to basically road trip just to get to the gym. I mean, her mailbox alone is a mile from her doorstep! In Oklahoma, Jill plays therapist to Danny and his wife, who says she needs some more validation because she's afraid her husband is going to up and leave.

The remaining four reunite in California to run the marathon. Rudy and Amanda stay together, while Danny and Liz run side-by-side. As Rudy and Amanda forge ahead, last year's powerhouse contestant Tara comes around the corner. Next up, Rudy's former partner Dina joins him for the run, while Amanda's best friend Brian meets her at mile 13. Danny really begins to struggle by mile 6, but Amanda, despite having to walk a bit, is going strong through mile 17. When Rudy hits the 25th mile, Bob is there to push him that last leg. "Who puts a finish line 26.2 miles from the start?" Rudy jokes. He comes in first at 5 hours and 12 minutes. Well done. Amanda finishes next at 5 hours, 28 minutes. Danny and Liz cross the finish together at 6 hours, 55 minutes. They each get $10,000 for completing the race but before the celebration can continue, it's time to head back to campus and weigh in for the last time before finale night.

Liz steps on the scale first. She left the ranch at 198 and has come back at 182. She's lost 16 pounds, 8.08 percent. Amanda is next. She goes from 186 to 170, having lost 16 pounds at home, and 8.60 percent. Danny, who was 288 when he left the ranch, astonishingly goes down to 229 and has lost 59 pounds, 20.49 percent at home. Last to weigh in is Rudy, who left weighing 296. He's now 253, down 43 pounds, 14.53 percent.

So Danny and Rudy have officially made it to the finale and it's now up to us, America, to decide if it will be Amanda or Liz to join them. Who are you going to choose?

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