Review: Sons of Anarchy - Na Triobloidi (season finale) Season 2, Episode 13

If you're looking for someone to yak to at the office tomorrow about the second season closer of Sons of Anarchy but don't want to open your meathole to someone who has no idea what you're talking about, there's one sure-fire way to tell without having to say a word: check their fingernails. They will be bitten right down to the bone.

The 90-minute episode was a real tension builder from beginning to end and it not only managed to solve some of the protagonists' problems in very creative and interesting ways, but it also created new ones that just made me hungrier for season three. It couldn't come soon enough if I had a time machine.

The thing was also jam packed with surprises from before the opening credits to the club's closing logo, the biggest of which was Zobelle's informant status with the FBI. It might seem like a forced surprise, but unlike Christina's connection to the Trinity Killer on Showtime's Dexter, it fits Zobelle like a latex surgical glove.

Zobelle has always been a bit laid back and aloof as if he thought he was bulletproof and almost all-knowing. At first, I thought that was just Adam Arkin's approach to the character's recklessness but it was really just his true reaction all along since he knew any illegal action would not land him in the clink.

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Dec 8, 2009 5:53PM EST

WOW was all i could say when this ep finished... talk aout cliff hangers!! I loved the way so much happened creating new story lines and tying up others.... BRING ON S3!!!

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