F Gary Gray Up For Kane And Lynch

Ever since Simon Crane leapt out of the director’s chair for video game adaptation Kane And Lynch due to “creative differences”, the backers have been on the hunt for someone to replace him. Now it looks like F Gary Gray has clawed his way to the top of the list.

We brought word at the end of last month that Wayne Kramer was eyeing the job, but according to the Heat Vision Blog, he’s had to compete with The Bank Job’s Roger Donaldson and Gray for the assignment. While star Bruce Willis has been driving the effort to find a new director, we can’t help but draw a link between co-star Jamie Foxx and Gray, who most recently worked together on Law Abiding Citizen. Given that Citizen and films like The Italian Job and The Negotiator prove that Gray knows how to orchestrate a solid stunt scene, he’s in with a good shot.

Nothing is set in stone however: he’ll still have to wait to hear about an offer to work on the movie.

For those who have never played the game, it follows death row inmate Kane (Willis), who is broken out of prison alongside schizophrenic murderer Lynch (Foxx) by his former criminal team to hunt down a stolen bounty.

Kane’s mission takes him to Los Angeles, Japan and Cuba with Lynch aiming to keep him alive while he completes the task and saves his wife and daughter. Lionsgate is distributing this one, and wants it shooting as soon as possible.

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