How I Met Your Mother: Breaking the Bad Habit Season 5, Episode 11

We learned a lot of things on How I Met Your Mother this week: Robin smoked and so did everyone else in the group. No, this wasn't just the occasional enjoyment of tobacco we've seen in the past seasons. The gang was definitely addicted to cigarettes and as much as they wanted to quit, they always found themselves going back for more...until they found a good reason to really quit the bad habit. More on that after the jump.


A significant part of Robin's craving for smoking in "Last Cigarette Ever" had to with new co-anchor Don, a veteran reporter who insisted on doing his anchoring in his underwear just because he lost faith in his career and in the ridiculously early morning program he ended up in. It got worst as Don pointed out to Robin that no one watches her report but thanks to Lily, Marshall, Barney, and Ted, who all tuned in to Come On, New York, Get Up for the first time since Robin landed a job on the show, Robin realized that it's not the end of her career.


Most of Marshall's tension was caused by his fear of being fired since Arthur, his former boss whom he screamed at before at his former workplace, ended up becoming his new boss. Arthur didn't remember the awkward incident, nor did he remember Marshall's name, so Marshall had to smoke with Arthur during breaks to forge a new bond. While Arthur having a heart attack didn't stop Marshall from quitting smoking, according to Future Ted, the birth of Marshall's first son did.


When Marshall fell into the smoking wagon, Lily got hooked as well, and we learned that smoking makes her sound like Harvey Fierstein. We also learned that she finally stopped smoking when she started trying to get pregnant.

Barney and Ted

Seeing how smoking divides the group into smokers and nonsmokers, Ted and Barney decided to start smoking as well. They got addicted in spite of the drawbacks though were able to quit eventually. Evidently, Ted's last cigarette ever was two weeks into dating his future wife.

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