Castle: Can Beckett Survive a Serial Killer and an FBI Nemesis?

Monday's explosive Castle puts Detective Kate Beckett in serious danger, but is her biggest threat a visiting agent from the FBI?

When a serial killer begins leaving notes at crime scenes for Nikki Heat - the fictional detective Castle (Nathan Fillion) based on Beckett (Stana Katic) in his new book - the FBI's Jordan Shaw (guest star Dana Delany) shows up in New York.

"She comes along and basically sweeps that case out of Beckett's hands," Katic tells us. "That's kind of strange for Beckett to deal with. She's used to being the one in charge of any case."

Shaw and her team show up with loads of technology, and the shiny new toys catch Castle's eye. Though Shaw initially dismisses Castle, she soon learns his value. "At first she thinks he's just this puppy dog following Beckett around, but then she realizes he does have a brain too," Delany says.

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