Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 18 "POV" Review

What a great night of Big Brother 12! Usually it is Thursday night episodes that are the highlight of the week but not this week. Tonight was a rollercoaster of entertainment, including a 24 hour return to the house from a previous houseguest.

But we did get to see the POV competition right off the bat. And after both Lane and Ragan are on the chopping block, you could only expect one of them to win. And Ragan did. But it was pretty clear that one of his allies (either Matt or Brittney) would be his replacement.

Brendon decided to open Pandora's Box thinking he would reunited with Rachel. But he got sent away to spend 24 hours in an empty Malibu home and Rachel returned to the house. And did she ever cause an uproar especially with Ragan. Wow did she ever have a poor attitude. But Ragan wouldn't have it for a second. The arguing that went on back and forth was horendous, but Ragan definitely won the verbal battle.

In the end Brendon replaced Ragan with Matt but this is Matt's laugh because he has the silver POV that he will use next episode. One of my favorite episodes yet!


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