The Hills Season 6 Episode 10 "100th Episode" Review

Well tonight was a must not miss episode of The Hills. I was wondering whether or not tonight would be entertaining since the storyline between Brody, Kristen and Makeielah was getting pretty dull. But this show surprised me again with his ability to hook me and craving for more drama.

I am sure we were all anticipating the moment when Brody and Kristen's "non-relationship, relationship" would hit a head when one would want more then the other. When feelings would start to get in the way. And tonight that is exactly what happened. After finding out the Brody referred to Kristen as more like a sister, she decides to hit on the next hottest thing walking, a random guy. And of course how does Brody react? Not well. He tells her she can't hook up with just a random? What did you expect Brody?

We also get to see Audrina getting all cosy again with Justin Bobby. Surprise I think not? We all saw her relationship with Ryan go downhill after briefly intercepting with JB. And of course she lights up like a light bulb tonight just talking to the guy. Yet he seems to be a lot more sincere and a lot less "I'm not to be tied down".

Regardless tonight was great. I am however hoping to see more from Spencer and Heidi in the upcoming finale episodes.


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