Desperate Housewives: There Will Be Wheelchair

This Desperate Housewives plane crash storyline is starting to seem like a protracted jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces come in here and there but nothing too conclusive to reveal the big picture. E! Online reports that one of the three to five casualties will be "a husband" who will find himself "paralyzed" and eventually become "quite the household tyrant from his wheelchair."

Never mind that the photo that accompanied this Desperate Housewives spoiler on the original site is that of Bree (Marcia Cross) and Orson (Kyle MacLachlan), we're almost sure that it's going to be him that will be wheel-chair bound when the smoke settles on this one. He previously revealed that his character will return on January. So does this mean Karl (Richard Burgi) is one of the plane crash deaths?

That being said, there is a potentially tricky, sly episode coming up on the ABC dramedy. The flash-forward episode can very well feature characters who are killed, but present in the hypothetical future for the housewives. If that's the case, the wheelchair-bound husband can be Karl, and the dead one will be Orson. I doubt this one, however.

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