Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 10 "Holidaze" Review

As the mid season ends with this episode, I was hoping for a little more drama to be filled, since mid season finales are pretty dramatic.

It was nice to see Miranda have her father check in on her over the holidays especially since her divorce. I think viewers are very sympathetic to her situation and maybe to her ex-husband's as well. Kind of a controversial issue, whether a woman should focus on her career or family life.

I am surprised that the Chief is drinking again, especially after winning back her ex wife Adelle. You know that it is only going to get to be a slippery slope. Not good for a Chief of Seattle Grace.

Some men can be really niave when it comes to how women feel for them, they just don't get the signs. I see trouble arising for Christina with Owen's old "accaintenace" in the mix now and as Christina's new Cardio teacher. Looking forward to the mid deason premiere.


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