Lost: "Everybody Loves Hugo" Review Season 6, Episode 12

We've been waiting for weeks to see Ilana rise to the occasion and have her big moment. After all, she's been around for almost a full season now, there must be a good reason? Well, having her go "boom" in grand fashion was good enough reason for me. Much like Arzt's exit from this mortal coil, Ilana's mishandling of the Black Rock dynamite was sudden but not entirely unexpected. This time around we still had the memory of Hurley being in Arzt's presence during that hilarious Season 1 scene fresh in our minds. It was a fitting departure for a character that was about as well developed as Arzt and also unnusually hilarious. I'm not disappointed to see her gone at all. She is one of the few characters who have appeared on this show that didn't bring anything to the table.

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