'Justified' Episode 5 Recap: Raylan and his daddy sure know how to use a baseball bat

After weeks of being mentioned but not seen, we finally met Raylan's father, Arlo, last night. As played with a sere twang by Raymond J. Barry, Arlo was as laconic and prone to fast action as his son, but with the charm of Raylan necessarily shaved off by age and experience, much of it in jail. In other words, he was a tough old buzzard.

Justified continued its winning ways by having Tim Olyphant's U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens working two cases - staking out a house that he's pretty sure contains a fugitive, and dealing with his dad, out of jail and ornery. We've heard enough references to the latter in previous episodes to know only that Raylan pretends he doesn't care about his father, is abashed that the old man is a repeat offender, and that jail is, to Raylan's way of thinking, the best place for Daddy to remain seen-and-not-heard-from. So an Arlo set free is both a civil and an emotional burden.

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