'Hell's Kitchen': Gordon Ramsay's kingdom for a good risotto

I hate the official titles for these episodes. Who's going to be interested in "15 Chefs Compete"? No one, that's who. Tivo has another title for this one, which is even worse: "A chef argues with Ramsay." Feh.

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Meter: 55

Contestants' Bleep-O-Meter: 50

Best Quote by Salvatore: "Chef, they're going to think I'm a man-whore."

The chefs all trudge upstairs to talk about their experiences. The red team (that's the women, who lost last episode) is particularly glum. Autumn starts in on explaining what they need to do better, and it appears that her primary recommendation is "Do what Autumn says." Siobhan tells us that she won't put up with that. Fran tells Autumn she's not a team player. As you remember, Fran decided Autumn wasn't a team player at approximately the moment that Autumn nominated Fran for elimination. What a coincidence!

The weekly challenge: The chefs will work in pairs, and each pair will cook eggs four ways: poached, soft-boiled, sunny-side-up, and scrambled. Because the women have an odd number, Siobhan will be working on her own. And they're off! They have five minutes. Wait, you can cook four different kinds of eggs in five minutes?

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