Tracy Morgan and Luke Wilson Interview DEATH AT A FUNERAL

I've always wondered if Tracy Morgan is playing himself on 30 Rock, or if it's all an act. Also, I've seen Morgan on David Letterman and have always wondered if he's pulling an Andy Kaufman with the way he acts or if it's really him. Based on the Los Angeles press junket for Death at a Funeral, I'm going to say it's not an act.

The reason I can say that is while waiting in a hallway for my interview with Tracy Morgan and Luke Wilson, I got to hear Morgan saying some of the craziest things during other interviews. Most of them are not safe to print - let alone say on television. While we couldn't hear everything behind the door, we heard enough that every journalist waiting and a few publicists were laughing a lot. Actually, I felt added pressure walking in to my interview, as I was hoping to get some wild and crazy answers. Hit the jump to see if I did...

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