'Hell's Kitchen' - 'Episode 2' Recap

Remember that episode of 'Seinfeld' where Jerry dates Bette Midler's understudy, the one who cries over every little thing, including dropping her hot dog on the ground and breaking a shoelace? I thought of that tonight while watching this episode of 'Hell's Kitchen.' Siobhan is that woman, crying over everything that happens in the kitchen and outside of it. "I dropped my frankfurter! It was really good!"

I can't imagine Siobhan being named head chef at the Savoy. Then again, none of these contestants stand out yet. Well, they all stand out, but not in the way they want.

I'm going to start a new rating system for this show, "The Risotto Scale." A scale that tells you how bad the cooking was in each episode. A score of one means terrible (uncooked food, burnt food, over-salted food, dishes served cold, dishes taking forever to make) and 10 is fantastic. I don't foresee too many 10s but take a look at my rating at the end of this review.

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