'The Hills': Lutz get it started Season 6, Episode 7

Kristin and Bartender Stacie meet to get their hair did before a party at Chez ShePratt. They gab about Audrina's weirdo flirting with JB the other night. Kristin -- whom, I might remind you, has boned JB -- says she thinks he's the one for Audrina rather than the Gel-lo Puddin' Pop. Speaking of stupid oafs, BS asks if Brody will be in attendance at the party tonight. Kristin says he is and that they've reached an understanding. The girls gloat over the same refusal to commit that messed with Kristin's mind just a few episodes back. They agree that McKristin'sPlaything is in over her head and that no one girl will ever change Brody's playa ways.

Elsewhere, ShePratt and Audrina shop for some more clothes to match their spray tans. ShePratt asks if Audrina's bringing Hair-man Munster to her birthday party. Audrina says that he's out on tour and admits that she's kind of enjoying her freedom. ShePratt says she'll also be flying solo because her pro lacrosse player guy friend Max is away, too. She wonders if Brody will bring JB to the festivities. Because they're such good pals and totally observe the same grooming practices?

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