The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 3 "Episode 603" Review

Well it looks like two more bachelors got sent home on this episode of The Bachelorette but it was definately not easy to predict just who will be going home. The most controversial bachelor competing for Allie's love is Toronto native Justin that seems to have went above and beyond for Allie's attention.

In this two hour episode we see the injured Justin walk miles literally against the shows wishes to Allie's house that she is residing in during the duration of this show without the other competitors knowledge. This made for an interesting night since he didn't tell the other men of his adventure. But of course they found out anyway.

During the rose ceremony two men were sent packing and Justin made it through another round. The men were all shocked since they didn't agree with his ploy to get more time in with Allie. In fact Hunter who did have a one on one date scheduled had his time cut short since Justin made this trip. Hunter in the end was sent home after his date along with the other two men.

We also got to see a performance by The Barenaked Ladies in this episode of The Bachelorette. Including scenes of the contestants and Allie filming for their new video 'Runaway". It was a great night, entertaining and dramatic. This show does a great job of adding scheming and drama. But next week looks like it just might be a dousey!


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