Supernatural Episode Recap: "99 Problems" Season 5, Episode 17

Sam and Dean run into a small town where the citizens know how to fight demons and a "prophet" has a close personal connection with angels. Or does she? After Cas and Dean's faith takes a vacation, they vent their frustrations out in very different ways. And by the end of the hour, Dean follows his heart in a very surprising way.

"99 Problems" starts out with Dean and Sam being chased in the Impala which is just an awesome way to start out any episode. Sam and Dean seem slightly injured. The car is forced to stop and when the brothers try to get away, demons grab them. The brothers are fortunately saved by some people wielding a fire hose full of holy water. This rescue takes Sam and Dean by complete surprise. They're used to having to explain demons to people, but this time around they're having the villainous supernatural beings explained to them. These townsfolk take Sam and Dean back to their church where everybody's got a gun. Even the preacher is in on the hunting business. Sam and Dean learn their reputation precedes them when a young woman tells them she talks to angels. She knows almost everything about the siblings. Dean guesses she's a prophet.

Dean's pessimism creeps his way into a conversation with Sam. He's admiring these people for their willingness to fight even though they're going to die. Meanwhile, Sam wants to know "what happened to us saving them?" Come on, Sam, you need to bring Dean back around to your way of thinking. Before Dean can answer Leah gets another vision. There are a lot of demons gathered five miles from the town so naturally the brothers volunteer to help out. Much stabbing, shooting, holy watering and exorcising ensues and is it just me or has the show really upped its action quotient lately? I assume this is all apocalypse-related. I'm loving it by the way. The demon-hunting squad takes care of the evil ones pretty quickly and efficiently which is a very cool thing. What's not cool is Dylan gets killed after choosing to stay with Sam and Dean to celebrate their big win. Nothing ever goes right for those boys.

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