FlashForward Episode Recap: "Queen Sacrifice" Episode 14

On this week's episode of FlashForward, Mark must figure out who the mole is within the bureau while he deals with big problems at home.

The episode begins with an ending of sorts, at least for the moment. Mark Benford stands in the driveway of his beautiful suburban home as he tearfully says goodbye to his now-estranged wife, Olivia. Ever since the series came back from its long hiatus, it's hard to tell what exactly the timeline is for everything (March 15, April 29, etc.) so it was still fairly startling to see Mark packing his things at this point in the game.

At the FBI offices, Demetri brings Stanford the tape he discovered in Somalia of Dyson Frost. Not only does Frost say he made the tape in 1991, but he says he's had hundreds of flash-forwards and that he, like Demetri, is supposed to die on March 15. Frost mysteriously says he's on a "collision course" with Demetri and that at this point the next move is Agent Benford's. Mark and Stanford assume this to mean now that Mark knows there will be another blackout.

Mark goes looking deeper in Frost's file and finds that he was a big chess player back in the day. First, he finds the name Ian McKinnon, who was one of the few to beat Frost at chess tournaments. Mark also (purposefully) discovers Frost's cell phone number through turning his old chess moves into a type of Morse code, when then route to a prepaid cell phone (which indicates Frost knew a long time ago that this was going to happen). Mark leaves a voicemail for Frost and he and Demetri go to San Francisco to track down McKinnon.

Meanwhile, we see Nicole by Bryce's side during his chemo treatments. If Nicole is only 21 and Bryce is already a full-fledged doctor, then there must be a more notable age difference between the two than meets the eye, but can they kiss already? We already know it happens from the preview for the second half of the season, so why tease us?

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