GOSSIP GIRL "The Freshmen" Review (Season 3 Episode 2)

What did you think of tonight's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Freshmen"? I for one breathed a sigh of relief. When high school kids go to college on TV it can often be the kiss of death (although I for one loved Saved By The Bell: The College Years). However, Gossip Girl appears to be pulling it off quite well. They've done this by having everyone stick to what they're good at. Blair is still trying to rule the roost, Serena still has issues, Dan is still a nerd (which in college makes you the cool guy), and Chuck still has the best outfits.

The only difference might be that Chuck is actually morally decent this season and Blair is a social outcast. I love Chuck's idea for the speak-easy, and he actually had Serena's best interests in heart. Plus anybody that can wear a purple shirt, purple tie, and suspenders so well can't be bad. I've always said that.

Blair on the other hand, has her work cut out for her. Do you think college will change her? Will she become a nerd to fit in, or keep trying her old games? It seems like she'll need more than Dorota and a killer party to make it at NYU. I was cheering for her to succeed with the party. I think Georgina is playing Blair, and I'd rather see Blair on top. Maybe she can use her friendship with it girl Serena to make waves at NYU? I am really disgusted by Dan and Georgina hooking up. Sick! It was bad enough the first time it happened.

So what is everyone's take on Scott? He had a weird moment there at the party. I want him to be cool for Dan and Vanessa's sake but something tells me he's crazy.

Serena continues to annoy me this season. She messes up things for Chuck, blows off college, and hooks up with Carter. All because daddy doesn't love her? Waaa waaa. I'd love to see her get cut off her money and have to fend for herself. Talk to you next week. Xoxo.

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Jun 7, 2016 4:56PM EDT

LOL!!!....couldn't agree with you more on the "rather having Blair on top"thing!!!....it seems pretty evident that gorgina has smth up her sleeves as gossip girl says herself...that higher education doesn't prevent you from making stupid decisions!!!hahaha...n idk but it seems like dan might get carried away by the sudden popularity thing!!! ..n plus everybody loves it when queen B kicks in!!!...n i would love to see what the writers have in store for jenny...that should be interesting....n ohh..plus...carter has really cleaned up on himself gooodddd!!!ahhaha.....he's bought some hotness back..n lolz..now you can finally get to see why leighton is dating him!=)....n yeaa....scott ....looks like in the process of reconnecting with rufus n family through vanessa...he will actually end up falling for her!!!hahha...God!!!whats up with vanessa!!!everyone has to fall for herrr!!!

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