American Idol Season 9 Episode 17 "Top Ten Semifinalists Perform" REVIEW

Now tonight was a great night of American Idol. The females performed tonight even though they were originally scheduled to perform last night but it was definately worth the wait. The girls came out tonight with a fight!

We found out the reason that the females and males were switched around. One of the girls had become really ill and was hospitalized. But she came on strong and was one of the top of the night. But she was not the only one that came out with a bang. Many of the girls were there to prove a point and that was that they want to win this show, and it showed.

The ending was the best part. The final girl came out and sang an Aretha Franklin hit and the note that girl hit was unbelieveable. I am sure that she has many fans out there right now that want to see her stick around. It was also great to see more humour from Ellen. Her comedic side was why I was so happy she was chosen to judge on this show and its really starting to come out.

Tomorrow night is the elimantion show. It will be interesting to see what girls go home.


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