'Grey's Anatomy' - 'Valentine's Day Massacre' Recap Season 6, Episode 14

It's Valentine's Day on 'Grey's Anatomy' and to celebrate, we have a restaurant roof collapse. The show claims to have the biggest surgery ever, which turns out to be an arm reattachment, with the arm temporarily being attached to a leg. While it's interesting and I'm sure a rare surgery, it still doesn't compare to separating conjoined twins or being impaled to a car in my book.

While everyone struggles with the multiple surgeries, miraculously, both Arizona and Callie have time to dilly-dally. Arizona tries her hand in playing Cupid on Valentine's, pairing up Bailey with Dr. Warren. Callie gets to check up on Sloan with her free time. What happened to the Callie who used to snap arms back into place?

Meredith was having trouble playing the role of "Mrs. Shepherd," so we get the storyline of the married couple and the silent waiter, Emile. While the waiter may have loved the woman, he said nothing to her. Mrs. Banks had to make a choice and keep it, even with the waiter being there for fifteen years. Of course, only one person survives, her husband, and it depresses her. The patients taught Meredith to keep loyal to her choices and keep true while accepting that change will happen. Of all the characters, I don't expect Meredith to be the one who regrets her relationship with Derek.

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