'The Bachelorette' - 'To Protect and Guard Her Heart' Recap

Welcome back, Ali-coholics -- it was a surreal episode this week. Just when we thought 'The Bachelorette' couldn't get any weirder, Kasey decides to burst into song ... well, kind of.

The self-proclaimed guard and protector of Ali's heart (seriously, how many times was that line uttered this episode?) won the first one-on-one date this week -- a whirlwind tour around New York City, including a helicopter ride above the skyline. For a chick who's afraid of flying, Ms. Fedotowski sure does a lot of jet-setting, doesn't she?

The date also included Ali and Kasey's own madcap reenactment of 'Night at the Museum,' and Kasey's first misguided attempt at singing (yes, there was more than one). Ali seemed as bewildered and creeped out as we were -- nervously laughing to fill the looong silence that followed his impromptu performance. Awkwaaard. Sure, a lot of girls dream of being serenaded by some hunky singer-songwriter who is inspired to lyricize by our radiant beauty and charm, but Kasey ain't no Joshua Radin; more on him later.

Ali decided to shake things up by declining to give Kasey a rose but opting to keep him around a little longer to see if he might be capable of behaving like a sane and rational human being at some point down the road.

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