'Burn Notice' - 'Enemies Closer' Recap Season 3, Episode 13

'Burn Notice' is generally more serious dealing with spy business than a show like 'Chuck', which is more playful. There's more blood on 'Burn Notice,' and the killing is not done to popular music. Both shows are fun, but for a tougher brand of espionage, 'Burn Notice' is the way to go.

This was one of the better 'Burn Notice' episodes because it put Michael somewhere he hasn't been in a while -- a very vulnerable position. And Larry was back. You remember Larry, played with menacing lunacy by Tim Matheson? More on Larry, the Colombian cartel, Jack Fleetwood and -- oh yeah -- Michael's brother, too, after the jump.

Tim Matheson has never seemed as manic on screen as when playing Larry the lunatic. Actually, he's Michael's former CIA partner and, as such, he has a real knack for getting Michael into maximum trouble. The entire Colombian cartel business with the $2 million in small change and Carlos ordering a hit on Michael was Larry's mischief making. And all because he wants to work with Michael again ... and he wanted the money, too.

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