'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' - 'Accentuate the Positive' Recap Season 3, Episode 2

That Ashley is one sad puppy, isn't she? I don't know if she's just being 15 or if she's clinically depressed, but she's definitely got some issues. Everyone around her -- well, if you count Amy, Adrian and Anne as everyone -- is getting pregnant, and yet, I'm still not sure she gets that it's a bad idea. Yes, she pressured her dad to let her get birth control pills, but that means she's thinking about having sex and, well, mistakes happen.

At any rate, wouldn't it be something if both Amy and Ashley got pregnant by the same guy?! It could happen! Ricky's sort of stuck on her at the moment.

It always bugs me when girls don't pursue an opportunity because of a guy. I get it, but it bugs me. And it bugged me when Ricky told Amy that maybe she shouldn't go to New York, because he'd just gotten her and Ben back together and the timing wouldn't be right to take off for four weeks.

OK, let's recap. It's four weeks. It's an opportunity that could change Amy's life for the better. John could stay with Ricky, and she'd be back before they know it. Besides that, Ben was excited for her. Amy: Listen to me. Go to New York! I have a feeling she's at least considering it, but things are going to get very interesting once she finds out that Adrian is pregnant. It sure seems like the gods are trying to put the kibosh on her and Ben. They just can't catch a break.

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