Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 9 "History"

Wow another new surgeon to make their way into the employment of Seattle Grace. Which is a surpise because you think during the merger that they would have had another cardio surgeon. But it looks like it might be a great catalyst for fire between Owen's and Christina's relationship. And it has been kind of bumpy.

It's great to see Izzie back! Even though under the circumstances I am disappointed for the reason she did return. I can't imagine what Alex went through. It must have been absolutely devastating for him that she just up and vanished. However, I can't see this being a final return for her. I like her ditsy character and hope she decides to come back to Seattle Grace.

I am liking Sloan dating Merideths younger half sister. I can see a future for them too. But it is Grey's Anatomy so you can sure expect a very bumpy road ahead.


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