The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 6: "Red-Handed"

I love this show! In Episode 6, a hand shows up in the middle of the border between California and Nevada, and Patrick Jane immediately deduced that it was someone who worked in the casino business. How does he do it? It turns out that he was right. Mr. Meiner, the owner of a large Vegas casino is dead.

Speaking of how Jane does things, I've decided that I want him to play for me at every card game. He was able to turn $100 into $250,000 by the end of the night! He says he memorized the cards, and he tried to show the team how he did it, but I'm still confused... but I digress.

That gambling paid off in other ways too as he used his amazing mental skills to nab several suspects and ultimately solve the case, and use his winnings to help out a family (not only is he hot, but he is sooooo generous too!). I won't give the details, because that will spoil the ending. But, you've got to see it!


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