All Important News of Season 3!

Rikki Chadwick and Cleo Sertori are back, still teenage girls, but with a magical twist, their mermaids with magical powers! Following, the trio's third mermaid, Emma Gilbert's moving away, the girls fear they will not be able to cope. Ofcource, Lewis McCartney, the academically gifted friend of theirs, who also proves to be a romantic interest for Cleo, will help. However, the best things come in three. Fortunately there is a new girl, Isabel "Bella" Hartley. Bella is a singer and provides a musical element to the show. She reveals to Cleo and Rikki that she too is a mermaid and has been since age nine, as she became one in the sea caves of Ireland. In the first episode, Zane Bennett, Rikki's boyfriend buys a juice cafe and renames it Rikki's, after her, asking her to co- partner the business. Also, Will Benjamin, a new hottie and skilled scuba diver is new to town and accidently unleashes a dangerous force, when stumbling upon the moon pool. This force causes large water tentacles to attack the girls, that night, as it is also the full moon. Bella is immediately attracted to Will, and later in the series they kindle a romantic entanglement. The series also calls for other new characters, like a woman called Samantha, who Cleo's dad, Don takes a liking to and eventuelly they get married. Also there is Sophie Benjamin, Will's sister, who sets her sights on Zane, and somewhere down the series steals him away from Rikki. Sophie also causes more problems, when a boy named Ryan arrives and the both of them learn of rare crystals down at the moon pool. With the help of Zane they try to remove the crystals, ending in the damaging of the moon pool. Also, in one of the earlier shows, Lewis is offered on oppurtunity to study in America, making Cleo realize that she must live without him. Season 3 of H2o is action packed with new love stories and new problems arising. It's never easy being a mermaid and leading a double life as a regular teen girl!


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