Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 17 "Push" Review

Tonight was an average night of Grey's Anatomy, you could say that it even landed on the cute side. There weren't any confrontations or drama but the main focus tonight was the surgical aspect of the show and three patient storylines.

There was also a competition amongst some of the team for the hopes of one of them getting the Harper Avery Award when a women comes in with a difficult tumour. That is what makes this show so addicting. The show brings great storylines, suspense for the viewers as we anticipate whether or not they can save their patients, storylines about the characters that we have grown to love, and cliff hangers so that we sit and anticipate next week's episode.

I was happy to see Bailey alittle more relaxed when it came to dating, it was humourous however to see her in need of sex advice since she has been out of the game for so long. Torres discovered that Arizona never wants kids and Mark Sloan asks Teddy for lunch, leaving little Grey devastated.

I give tonight a 5 out of 5 for entertainment!


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