The increasing allure of The Vampire Diaries

I hated episode one of VD, as my review of it states, but I admit I really loved 2 and 3, and am mixed on 4. So: the jury is out. But I do find I am anxious for the next episodes, so something is going right for me.

My issues with this show are its overacting. The poor filming cuts, and the pseudo-MtV video aspects of episode one have toned down. But with episode four, I did feel the brotherly hate was a bit forced--by the acting of it, the choice of the camera's lingering on expressions, and just based on the script writing of this episode.

This said, I will be back for the next episodes because the writers of the show are now doing an excellent job with the underlying episode-to-episode action. Yes, I feared with episode one that even plot would not be well played with by this show, but this has turned out to not be the case.

The authors have set up some fabulously tantillizing intrigue by locking Damon away, by having town founders reveal that they know vampires are back, and by having Jenna pop back up (is she a vampire now, too? we might be wondering). The plot writing is surprising me with its nicely patient development of "the witch", Bonnie, discovering herself and her powers. I am also increasingly curious as the episodes begin revealing who the other man in Stephan and Damon's house is.

Alas, nope, I do not care so much for the Gossip Girl-like attitudes, or of kids' parents seeing poorer kids as "trash", especially when that poorer kid can afford such a stunning dress (come on, like on Gossip Girl, when the "poor" girl wears fancier things than the "rich" ones, one wonders what has gone wrong!)

But despite such side-issues, such as their cliché exploration of class in a small town, Vampire Diaries is winning me over bite by bite.


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