Thumbs UP for Season One of "The Beast"!

Sharp action-packed series, The Beast keeps watchers on their toes. Who to trust? Only our two main characters: knobby-kneed and wiry Swayze with his pretty-boytoy protege. What makes that fun? Their mutual layers of doubt and the constant verbal badgering that takes place between them. Well-written, nicely shot, this boy on boy (after all, there really are no female characters, except the not-girlfriend who lives upstairs and who does an excellent job of making us see the depth of the sacrifice involved with the undercover work) pseudo-crime-spy-FBI series has taken the genre to the next level. No sappy romance roped (or faked) into the midst of this to slow down the actionadventure, instead this show keeps its eye on its bullseye: plot. The Beast weaves storylines round and round so tightly that even the best Sherlock would be hard pressed to say who is doing what to whom and why. For those who love conspiracy theories, this is a wet dream. And just so we can't wait for more, Episode 12 ends with a surprising "We're not going in, are we?" "Not a chance." Yes, we're left dying to know where "we" are going to next.


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