Dreamin' the idealized land of office work...?

Great episode with tons of tiny, explosive surprises erupting in just as many guffaws. This peculiar spycrime-cum-comedy, adds a special touch when its BuyMore Impressario gets a ticket on the easytrain up to the idealized job for a tech geek: a "real" programming job! Besides the office humor of the interview on exercise balls and the Bill Gates-like boss in Hawaiian shirt, or the oversell of the self pre-product launch speech (all of which I thought were great, and reminded me of a brief stint in glassboxed-in-office land), the catchy info on who our intersect's father really is is, though perhaps predictable, incredibly enjoyable and makes for the haphasard of his being the intersect not so haphasard anymore (did we ever doubt it?). So... what is next? I forsee a need to bring Bryce back. Not only because he brings out such a witty array of insecurities in beloved Chuck, but because if Chuck was always destined by some familail bond and special neurochemistry to be the intersect, what could Bryce's role in all of this be? Hmmm... or maybe I just wish I had a crack at writing in an episode. And yes, the pancake thing was lame. Sorry, no can buy that. The rest: FAB!


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