CSI takes off as actors Wallace Langham (Hodges) & Liz Vassey (Wendy) are forefronted in this episode of CSI in an alter-ego (fantasy, literally) startrek-like (called "Astro Quest") universe stitched throughout this week's whodunnit. Over the past weeks, in fact, CSI has started to remind us why it is so great. Because CSI writers know how many directions you can explore a 42 minute crime-to-resolution genre. This time, however, they leap even farther out of the box, adding humor, puns both on the harmless stay-at-home fans of TV and on those who intellectualize it in the halls of academia.

CSI epidsode 20 also does an excellent job demonstrating that its actors really could play anything--it is choice and directing therefore that gives us our weekly dose of often pleasantly flat, charicatural-police actors (don't take that wrong, it's what we love about CSI, the staples, the purposefully really bad lines delivered with evidently fun, somewhat self-spoofing verve). The self-spoofing here is a "mille-feuille", as those of us in Paris say, a thousand-layer cake: teasing the geeks, the sci fi fans, those who love a little dressup scifi or D&D fair, those of us from Iowa who head off to riverside annually, those who also adore "Chuck" and other such series which play off the cool nerd in need of romance, those who go to conferences on TV series at Le Havre in June 2009, those who just can't get enough of CSI.

Here, also, the characters of Hodges and Wendy are endearing. One is left thinking the geeks do in fact have something perhaps everyone should give a try--as the barman makes clear to the as-usual tough-guy Nick Stokes (played by George Eads). Sure, anyone who watches CSI avidly probably has a little hidden nerd in them, but this is the episode where the CSIers let it all hang out, in Wendy's case, literally. I found her charming in her Wonderwoman-like blue sparkly almost-bikini, or painted up for Hodges concubine he won't get, or in the 60s ministartrek dress as the woman he must deny himself as he pursues a greater good for justice.

But let's not forget about the real star here: The make-up and HAIR stylists from this week: Kudos! Wow, you guys really outdid yourselves, and made this episode just one shade (dyed, not natural) better.

Check out epidsode 20, season 9, and have a laugh while enjoying a little dressup romance fantasy and uncovering, obviously, the whodunnit. Hey, for the true intello nerd in all of us, they even have Capt Jim Brass (as played by Paul Guilfoyle) quote Derrida. C'mon, what's not to like?



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Apr 18, 2009 9:54PM EDT

Personally, I REALLY loved the BSG cameos of Grace Park and Ronald Moore!

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Apr 24, 2009 7:19AM EDT

It was quite an amusing episode, but very odd!

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