Flash Forward: The Dangers of Knowledge

Double wow as Flash Forward both speeds up and slows down in this action-packed but, more importantly, psychologically-reflected second episode. In fact, Flash Forward is at once reflecting on and asking the viewer to think about what the effects on each of us would be if we could even have a momentary glance into a random event 6 months from now. Their premise seems harmless, potentially fun. But as episode 2 unfolds, we see how one simple glance into the crystal ball is in itself perhaps the origin of a dangerous collapse of society: basic couple relationships verge towards what they see as a preordained demise, and the will to go to work has vanished for many (thus we hear of the many FBI resignations and can assume such a phenomenon would be widespread). The question of who is in control: us (freewill) or destiny (a higher, or perhaps in this case lower, more malicious power) is the central spit on which the body of Flash Forward turns.

Thus Episode 2 is not just an action-packed FBI program, but exploration of character, society, freewill, destiny, knowledge, creation and demise--as well as the need to solve a www-sized mosaic-shaped 3-D puzzle. And what is going to make us keep coming back for episode 3, 4, 5... are the precarious, precise balancing of these aspects--that I neither want more action moments nor feel that the "behind the scenes" character to character developments are shallow, are only there for show, are irrelevant. In fact, the psychology of Flash Forward is going to hook its constant watchers.

Certainly psychic insight has been highly explored in TV police dramas based on psychics of various sorts (false and real! From Medium to Psych) But in this show, the take is more unique. Not only are we not using the psychic moment to solve a crime, it is the crime. And everyone (or practically), not just some singular psychic, has seen the future--be that the blank potentially postlife moment, or a few minutes on the phone.

My Flash Forward? It reveals that this excellently written, well filmed, perfectly acted new show is going to be a hit.


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Jun 6, 2016 4:45PM EDT

Hey, you seem pretty excited about this new show! I love it too and your words remind of the impatience I felt when I saw Lost (but that held a pesonal thing for me I won't go into) craving to see each new episode to solve the mystery.
Remember though that its not all doom and gloom for everyone. Some people may not have figured out that if they didn't get a flash they will be dead so their day-to-day wouldn't be affected. Or like Mark's alcoholics anonymous sponsor (can't remember his name!), his vision was happy that gave him hope seeing his daughter alive. The doctor who tried to kill himself as well has a new lease on life so others may have experinced happiness too.
Worldwide, surely this phenomenom would cause panic and chaos which I find is incredibly well told in the story so far. I think the movie 2012 out later this year should tell worldwide panic similarly but will probably be not as good as Flashforward. I'm not really into FBI dramas or anything. I have never even seen an episode of CSI!
I'm hooked on this one too, plus the writer is from Batman legacy so he's cool with me. Look forward to seeing your reviews and comments for the upcoming season(s).

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