it works

So far I am in love with this show. I mean its four very powerful women in New York and sure it seems like they may think they have it all but even the show shows that they can't. The show is well balance. It has a woman and her (ex)husband having affairs and going through a rough divorce. Another married woman who is trying to balance work and being a mom and a wife. A lady who trying to find love weather it may be a woman or a man. And another lady who is trying to balance out her life with her social life and her big promotion.

It's the reality of women with power. Not many shows have women with power. They may seem perfect but so much is going wrong for them. Its diverse. It's in New York....what a better place to set it.

The drama is however like any other drama but you still can't help but watch it. If you just watch the show without comparing it to Sex and the City then you'll see what its really worth.

However, I do think they push the characters too fast for the audience. They need to slow it down just a tad bit for the audience to catch up their history. But not too much that it gets boring and repetitive.

I like this show. So far I am hooked and watch it every week. It's something new with the old.


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