Lack of Real Housewives NYC links for those of us not located in the US of A....

Has anyone else noticed a serious shortage of links available for this show in general, but more to the point a drought when it comes to links that aren't scam survey sites or the exclusionary Hulu?

If anyone can help by providing a link for those of us abroad, or any of us who prefer not to use Hulu that would be fabulous. As for the rest of you housewife aficionados any ideas as to the reasons for the lack of uploads?


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Apr 18, 2010 2:27PM EDT

Hi,I enjoy this show and live in Canada so Hulu doesn't work for me. There is a way to watch the show on the Bravotv site but first you have to download a tiny program like "Hotspot Shield" and then go to the Bravotv site...Hotspot blocks your isp and allows you to watch on Bravo...this does Not work with HULu...don't know why.Good Luck

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Apr 18, 2010 4:44PM EDT

Thanks for that. I'm aware of Hotspot shield. I may end up using it if I get really desperate (my computer which hotspot sheild functions on is blue screening a lot these days so I've switched to my laptop which hotspot has no love for. But, it's not just that. I don't love supporting (aka bringing ad revenue) to either Hulu or BravoTV, especially since I have most of the American networks in my dig cable package and I have Bravo Canada, and yet I can't watch either online. Irks me. Plus, other free vid streaming sites are less hassle.
But seriously, thank you. I'm just hoping there's another alternative.

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Apr 24, 2010 9:31AM EDT

hotspot shield doesnt work, still says cant show video in my region (im in uk). are there any other suggestions? wish someone would just put a megavideo link for ep 7 & 8..

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