Just watched House (Locked IN) *Spoilers*

So I just happened to have caught House today and loved it. I really liked the whole "seeing-through-the-patient's-eyes" deal. I thought it was very artistic and I thought it brought something to the show that it missed. I really thought it was quite unique.

The plot was great as usual, they end up solving it, and the Wilson v. House routine is still fun. I am beginning to appreciate Taub a bit more but not really liking him. He seems to Meh-ish to me.

Cameron popped in, which was funny, to say do an LP, lol (they always do one).

I thought it was awesome.....WHATCHYALL THINK???


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Mar 31, 2009 12:57AM EDT

liked it, loved the whole 'new angle' (though why they did it in the last scene... bugs me) and especially loved the whole side bar commentary on 'current events' in the show. didnt especially like the whole beach settings. donno why, just didnt. i didnt exactly dislike it, it just seemed like a half hearted effort to set the mood with a dreamscape. it seems to me his dreamscape would ether be faster paced and more realistic (like house's when he got shot), or more 'dreamy' then it was.
also, while i loved the POV angle, i felt that when events changed in his condition it wasn't well represented (besides being more/less blurry, pinhole, or zoomed). you know, maybe when his heart started goin irregular, they could have done a beating effect with the view (simulating feeling his heat beat with every part of his body, including his eyes), having it get brighter and shake when he was in more pain (for widened eyes and increased REM), and water at the bottom of the lens for him crying. little lost opportunities that would have just pushed it over into 'truly amazing.'

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