Brothers & Sisters Season 4 episode 12 "Science Fair"

After watching this episode you can't help but want to be part of a large family like the Walkers. This episode is a great showcase of all the Walker Family. As well as very humourous. You can't help but roar with laughter as the lemons fall to the ground because of Kevin's control on taking over Paige's project. Something not funny to the little girl, however, to the viewer it was predictable and funny.

It's finally nice to see Sara finding a new love interest. It would be nice to see a rekindle from her French hunk though. Maybe in an upcoming episode?

And who would have thought Nora had the guts to get her new scandulous boyfriend arrested! That came out of left field. There was a sort of annoyance when she seemed in denial and niave over his feelings for her. Good for you Nora, yet I strongly hope that one day she does find a suitable match, maybe a character that is a famous movie star. It would be great to see her date a George Clooney or Alec Baldwin!


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