What the hell was that?

That was by far the worst South Park episode ever. The queef one was bad, but this was far worse. The writers of this show have gotten incredibly lazy with some of these last episodes, making entire episodes on such stupid stuff. Where's the substance? Where's the political commentary?


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Apr 9, 2009 12:06AM EDT

South Park isn't just about political comedy. It's all about social commentary in general. In fact did you see the 2008 election spoof episode? It was one of the worst episodes in the series.
Maybe the episode topic hit a little too close to home for you berna118? ;)
Like, maybe you have one of the warped egos that this episode talks about, and your ego won't let you understand the underlying message =p
PS: this episode reminded me of their earliest movie musical in the hills thing (it really sucked, i fell asleep).. like kind of extremely goofy

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Apr 9, 2009 12:26AM EDT

it looked like i was put together in a hurry. the economy episode, on the other hand, was hilarious.. what im saying is, in the first 18 or so seasons there were maybe 5 bad episodes total. thats acceptable. this season alone has had 2 bad episodes and its only half over.

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Apr 9, 2009 2:11AM EDT

Maybe Kanye West just took so much money they couldn't pay the writers anymore.
Or they wanted to test how much shit they can sell their fans...
either way. Absolutely not SP at it's best. This ep was just a bad joke. (to stick with the topic..)
They should produce an extra-ep for this season and just forget that this episode ever happened.

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Apr 9, 2009 2:18AM EDT

you're all going to hell.

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Apr 9, 2009 3:41AM EDT

I agree that the queef episode was horrible... probably the worst episode in south park history to be more precise.But this one was actually good. I read the comments before watching it and on the contrary it turned up to be funny. Based on more of a psychological anecdote on people in general and how they convince themselves of some of the things they do... anyway it was a good episode, if you didnt find that funny. Waht the f is wrong with u? Classic cartman behavior . and the jewbots? roflHad some sort of funny psychology

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Apr 9, 2009 7:38AM EDT

i tink he dont like fishsticks,around and inside his mouth

Apr 9, 2009 10:12AM EDT

This was a good episode i dont know how you think it was bad. Yes south park does a fair bit of political commentary but thats not all, as starfish said its about social commentary as well and this is what this episode was about. I admit the queff episode was bad enough but thats only in comparison to the latest episodes, if something like that was thrown into one of the earlier seasons nobody would say anything about it. South Park comments on different parts of what happens in the real world and then sometimes it throws out a funny episode based on pure random stuf, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, no need to go bad mouthing the show though.

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Apr 10, 2009 2:17PM EDT

I agree with berna118, in the 12 previous seasons, there are less bad episodes than there are fingers on a hand (5 if some of you don't know), but out of these first 5 episodes in the 13th season, there are 2 horrific ones. When I saw them it was like a kick in the balls, as I absolutely cherish SP. To their defence though, Margaritaville was absolutely awesome, so I still pray they have it in them to create masterpieces like that.

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Apr 30, 2009 12:14PM EDT

your comparing it to itself tho, relative to family guy that episode was epic

Large 1329980229 magicsoda
May 12, 2009 3:18AM EDT

"Come on. Martha Stewart's festive glittery-confetti queef? Possibly the best TV moment this year. And the fact you, an apparent fan, are accusing Trey and Matt of crossing the line just means they are doing their jobs all the better. I mean show me a TV show that showcases the continuing prejudiced inequality women still face in day to day society without being a trite, sappy, overwrought Lifetime Original Movie-esque piece of $%!# and i will be one surprised viewer."
My comment on another post bashing Eat Pray Queef. I mean seriously? That episode was f@$%ing hilarious! You all need to come to terms with your small penises, or stop being insecure adolescent boys, or acting like insecure adolescent boys, or whatever it is that is stopping you from finding this funny. Because...ya. Oh and you Kanye fanboys need to take a big step back. There's a reason chef ain't on the show no more. That's because he's an opinionated tard who can't find a good episode funny due to fat head syndrome. An appropriate reference considering the musician we are talking about, lol.

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