True Blood Season 3 Episode 7 "Hitting the Ground" Review

Well I have been anxiously awaiting tonight's episode of True Blood especially since last week's ending completely took my breath away and left us completely hanging and craving for more, even just a few more seconds. What is going to happen....

We start tonight with Lorena's fangs in Sookie's neck. Lorena makes some snark comment about Sookie not being human and Bill comes up from behind and chains her. Sookie grabs a stake and drives it through her heart. Nothing would have distracted my eyes from the screen at this point. It was pretty graphic and there was lots of blood...this show is really pulling out all the blood this season. Bill is lying on the ground practically dead and Sookie still wanting to take him with her. Tara shows up as the voice of reason with Alcide but Sookie won't leave Bill behind. Then Debbie shows up with a gun! Alcide grabs the gun away from her as Coot walks in and Alcide kills him. Now my jaw is dropping!

But here is where the episode got me crazed, Sookie is sitting in the back of the truck with a dying Bill and resorts to slicing open her arm to save him. She's relieved because it looks to be working well until a frenzy takes Bill over and he completely drains her. Tara and Alcide kick him out of the truck and into the sunlight where he is absolutely A-OK. That is right...did all that magical Sookie blood make it okay for him to be in the sunlight? Tara calls Jason to tell him Sookie is dying and is in a coma.

Eric tortures the Queen's human for information on why Sookie is so important to her. And near the end we see Sookie having a really wierd dream with dancing fairies that warn her to stay away from Bill, "he will take your light".

All in all one amazing episode after the next! Love this series!


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