Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 2 "Elimination Nominations" Review

Well this episode was a very entertaining one. Not overly great but still worth while to watch. The food competition was tonight and the teams were split up into three. The teams had to crawl through thick caramel and into a massive tub of popcorn where they were to search for teeth and bring them back.

It was pretty clear who was weak in this competition as Kathy the sheriff laid in the caramel for sometime, losing the competition for her and her team. Slop for a week for them plus living in the most horrid room in Big Brother history. It also looked like the "saboteguer" struck again as he put x's across the faces of both Kathy and Brittany. But in the end tonight was where HOH Hayden had to nominate two people up for eviction.

Rachael the showgirl from Vegas and Brendon the muscle boy lifeguard. Hayden believed he saw a possible showmance in the making with these two and wanted to put it out before it even began.

So who will be the next HOH? And who will be sent home? Don't forget there is also the POV competition this wednesday.


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