Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 24 "Death & All His Friends" Review PART 2

This review is continued from the first review I posted tonight on tonight's season finale of Grey's Anatomy. This review will focus on the second half of the show, where we were left off with Derek laying on the floor of Seattle Grace after being shot by Mr. Clark, the man that has nothing left since his wife has passed.

It starts with Christina holding back Merideth in the closet telling her not to go out there since Clark is still on the loose. But Merideth throws her aside and goes to him screaming to keep his eyes open. He needs an OR but all the attendings are no where to be found. So Yang, Jackson Avery operate on Derek.

Clark is still making his rounds around the hospital, takes a bullet right before he was about to shoot Little Grey, but survives it. Owen and Teddy are out of the hospital but after Teddy tells him its ok to pick Christina he rushes back in to her. Merideth is sitting on the floor outside of the OR when Owen walks in seeing Clark with a gun to Christina's head while she is operating on Derek. Owen gets shot, and after playing a trick on Clark saying Derek is dead, he leaves. But not before the plea from Merideth that will have you on the edge of your seats. This was the highlight of tonight's show and it made it such a dramatic scene. I have to watch it again.

Since this review is getting fairly wordy and I am missing a lot of details in between because this episode was just so involved, please let me apologize if you think I am neglecting any details. I am specifying what highlights I liked that made this episode amazing.

Little Grey tells Karev she loves him right in front of Mark. But Karev is clearly out of it and thinks she is Izzy. He tells her that he loves Izzy and that he is so happy that she came back for him and never to leave again.

Webber meets up with Clark and Clark has one bullet left. He wishes there were two, one for Webber and one to off himself. He makes the decision to kill himself to be with his wife.

But here is the moment that will break your heart. While Merideth was looking after Owen and trying to get him to lay down, she had a miscarriage. Of course under all the stress of this it makes sense. She continues looking after Owen and after the lockdown, throws away the pregnancy test that says positive. Heart Breaking. Will she tell Derek? Its pretty obvious that he will find out anyway. But regardless you feel for her character.

Arizona and Torres decided after being through this horrific ordeal, that nothing will get in their way. That Arizona wants to have lots of kids with Torres.

Best season finale for me this entire year! Can't wait for next season already!


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