Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 25 "Eviction" Review

Well tonight could have gone either way but just who got kicked out of the house tonight on Big Brother 12? Well after many attempts and well planned out speeches by Ragan he made Lane and Britney well aware about what an asset he would be in the house for her and for Lane.

Hayden started to panic but in the end his faith lied true to the Brigade. And by a vote of 2 to 0, Ragan was evicted from the Big Brother house. We also got a look at the people in the jury house including Matt's honesty about his wife not being ill. How did the jury members react?

Not well, Kathy especially. It is a sensitive issue and Matt was out of line but in the end he said he would have given money to the charity if he had won. Didn't smooth things out with the jury members at all. We didn't learn who won HOH but it looked like Hayden was in the lead. Who won? I guess we will find out Sunday night.


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